DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids!

It’s that time of year! When bulk candy starts lining the aisles of the supermarket, pumpkins start appearing on front porches, and if you haven’t started thinking about your Halloween costume, well… you should. But, not to fret, we’ve got some Super ideas for ya! We reached out to a few of our fabulous influencer friends and asked them how they’d style their Super Smalls for Halloween. Below, we’ve compiled our favorites and we invite you to borrow their ideas. Happy costume-ing!
Mermaids are having a moment and we expect to see a few of them drop by our doors this Halloween… that’s why you have to make sure your costume stands out! And there’s no better way to do that than with our Night Out Gem Makeup—the ultimate mermaid accessory. And though the Mermaid Pool Party Mega Set would be the obvious choice here, we love the way @babyclairebear accessories with the Big Presentation necklace instead… it almost has a “Heart of the Ocean” necklace feel, right?!
Photo courtesy of @babyclairebear
Christmas Tree
Who says Christmas trees don’t belong at Halloween?! We love this inventive costume, that’s basically just an excuse to be covered in festive glitter. What’s so fun about this look is that she uses the Red Carpet Mega Set as a base accessory, BUT you can really cover your “tree” in any gem “ornaments” your heart desires—shoe charms, earrings, hair barrettes, and sparkly rings are all great options for decorating.
Photo courtesy of @erob77
Marie Antionette
Omg, can you believe how creative this historic royal got with her costume?! We’re so impressed. A baseball hat and cotton balls create the base of this INCREDIBLE wig, but it's the Super Small jewels that really give this look its “wow” factor. We spy a Black Tie necklace, a Big Presentation necklace, a House Party Pearl necklace, Talent Show Butterfly Hair Clips, and more!
Photo courtesy of @g.von.g
Sparkly Bat
Who doesn’t love a classic “spooky” costume?! But, we love seeing a new twist on those Halloween standards. And Sparkly Bat definitely delivers! Our Night Out Gem Makeup makes another stellar appearance here, accentuating the bat’s natural features. And the Emerald Ball necklace tops off the look with a unique flair.
Photo courtesy of @babyclairebear
Baseball Cutie
An ode to one of our all-time favorite movies—A League of Their Own! We can’t get enough of this cutie’s Rockford Peaches uniform, decked out with Super Smalls accessories. The Red Carpet Mega Set really takes her costume to the next level, driving home the point: anything boys can do, we can do… looking fabulous!
Photo courtesy of @erob77
Cruella de Vil
This is a surprisingly easy costume, with major impact! The wig carries the look, while the accessories give Cruella her signature, over-the-top style. We never expected to see our Drive-In Movie Sunglasses get the villain edit, but they work soo perfectly here. The only other piece you need is the Ice Cream Run Mega Set to top off this character’s infamous color palette.
Photo courtesy of @babyclairebear
You can’t go wrong with a classic princess look. Just about any Super Smalls sparkles will do, but we love the way this little queen matches her House Party Pearl necklace to her blue gown. Everyday Sparkle Stickers make for the perfect jeweled belt, and she completes the look with Power Lunch Rings and Stargazing Hair Snap Clips.
Photo courtesy of @whoworewhatmini
Bedazzled Ballerina
For when you’re feeling girly, twirly, and like you want to be covered in the MOST sparkles possible… may we recommend a Bedazzled Ballerina costume? Shout out to our Night Out Gem Makeup, which really amplifies any costume. We love using it as a base for an unexpected sparkle moment. This blushing ballerina completes her look with the Black Tie Mega Set, Heart to Heart bracelets, and some Everyday Sparkle Stickers adorned to her leotard.
Photo courtesy of @erob77