Our designs are inspired by the grown-up world of outrageous and extravagant creations in jewelry of course, but also in fashion, in art, in design and in the mother of all outrageous and exquisite creations - nature.

We make things to unleash the imagination, ignite a sense of wonder and prompt hours of play.

That outrageous quality we talked about earlier- that’s the “wow’ standard we uphold in every one of our products and experiences.


Maria Dueñas Jacobs is a former fashion editor and entrepreneur who brings her fresh, luxury-informed perspective to the children’s market.

With three (Super) daughters, Maria’s family home is a headquarters of dress-up, and make-believe. Her girls’ inventive dreams, out-there ideas, and VERY honest feedback inspire all that we make (and they continue to act as our own in-house focus group!).


Here at Super Smalls, we believe kids are the foundation for our future! Which is why we find it so important to be a positively uplifting and super supportive space, where all kids are encouraged to express their most authentic selves.

As part of this mission to spread joy, we prioritize sharing resources and giving back. We choose to partner with causes that align with our values of building a kind, inclusive, and joyful future for kids everywhere. Let’s share the love!

We're proud to partner with Mia's Miracles, The Confetti Foundation, Foster Fete and Room to Grow.