Luna’s Favorite Things: 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Our Kid-in-Chief is back again for Holiday 2021 with her NEW list of favorite things! No, we’re not talking raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens (though Luna loves those too)—we’re talking the gem-covered jewels and awesome accessories she’s been LIVING in lately!

If you’re holiday shopping for kids in your own life, Luna’s gift ideas provide the ideal blueprint. Not only are they vetted by Luna, she even dreamed up and designed a few of these pieces—so, you can definitely take her word for it! 


Lucky Streak REAL 4-Leaf Clover Necklace
Luna thinks it’s THE COOLEST thing that there is a REAL 4-leaf clover inside this necklace! It really does bring her good luck and it’s absolutely top of her list. She’s planning to gift it to all her besties, too (sharing is caring!).
Red Carpet Mega Set
The best part about this necklace is that 1. the gems are HUUUGE and 2. it’s SUPER stretchy! Which makes this set perfect for throwing on as she’s headed out the door to school or headed to (finally!) hang out with friends.
Mermaid in Training Goggles
Gem-covered goggles? What’s not to love?! They make swimming even more fun than it already is! Luna believes in mermaids - because she sometimes is one! - and these goggles let her dive into all sorts of underwater adventures.
Rainbow Rave Wrap-Around Bracelet Set
Sometimes Luna just wants that extra touch of sparkle to complete her look! These bracelets are an easy peasy way to do that—they go with everything and they’re coily and fun. Everytime she wears them, all her friends tell me how cool they are. She may not have been alive in the 90s, but she hears it's a trend that's coming back 😉
Roller Derby Headband
Everyone knows Luna’s favorite color is rainbow. And she loves that this headband is rainbow, but with a fun twist! It’s also sooo comfy (hard to find in a headband, believe her, she’s tried a bunch) because it's extra cushy, so she can wear it ALL day long.