Unique Birthday Gifts for the Greatest Kids You Know!

From mermaid magic and stickers that can go just about anywhere, to the biggest ever bundle of sparkle and shine you’ve ever seen, these cool birthday gifts are sure to inspire kids to have fun and dream big!

Happy Hour Bracelet Set
A trio of sparkly bracelets - because you can never have too much at happy hour.

Ballet Recital Hair Barrettes
Keep their hairstyle on-pointe with these glittering gems!

Dance Class Shoelace Charms
Kick up their sneaker style to a whole new level.

Everyday Sparkle Sticker Book
Perfect for your face, your friend, your notebook, your cat… you get the picture - they go everywhere!


Mermaid Party Mega Set
The next best thing to living under the sea.

BFF Twin Stars Necklace
Let them share the fun of their birthday with their BFF!

Heart to Heart Set
It’s all about wearing your heart on your sleeve… and wrist, and fingers!


Me Time Mood Rings
There’s something magical about a mood ring that we can put our finger on (or put on our finger)!

The Whole Enchilada Bundle
For the kid who wants everything - you can literally gift them one of EVERYTHING from Super Smalls!