The 90’s Are Back… In a (Super) Big Way!

The 90's rang (on a landline—can you believe?!) and they're here to stay! Let your littles in on all your favorite adolescent trends. We've updated iconic styles from pre-Y2K with modern twists and lots of sparkles (Duh! *in our best Cher Horowitz voice*). Bring on the nostalgia for a new generation!
Look no further than a head full of butterfly clips to signify ultimate 90’s nostalgia! With our gem-y, upgraded version, there’s countless ways to style these for hair looks ranging from elegant + modern to funky + fun!
The mood ring may’ve been around since the 1970’s, but the 90’s really took the trend to another level. I mean, gems that change color based on your mood—have you ever heard of anything so cool?! The kids of today will love these just as much as you used to.
Gone are the days of those karaoke machines (I guess we’ve got apps for that, now!), but our sparkle-covered hair brush will have you singing your heart out, like all the kids in the 90’s movies, during your morning routine.
Remember those broken-heart BFF necklaces of your youth? This is our 21st century version with colorful gems, a gold chain, and a star-shaped pendant to cement you and your BFF’s superstar status.