Rainbow Vision: Let's Celebrate Pride!

Every June is Pride month—a time for standing up for love and standing out as your crazy, silly, authentic, awesome, Super self! Rainbows represent Pride—Pride in who YOU are, who you love, and Pride in your playmates, parents, and pals. Since rainbows happen to be something we know a thing or two about, we’ve rounded up our brightest, fun-est, most colorful pieces for you to rock your Pride and celebrate.
Rainbow Rave Bundle
The simplest way to add major rainbow vibes to your outfit! This matching bracelet and necklace set will turn your jean shorts and tee-shirt into full-on Pride-party-ready. Colorful, comfy, and coily, these babies are designed to stay on through all your post-bedtime dancing through the city streets.
Ice Cream Run Mega Set
The most elegant version of rainbow we can imagine. Complete with a necklace, two bracelets, and a (super on-trend!) set of mismatched earrings, you won’t have to think twice about your accessories. Be sure to stop by the ice cream truck on your way home ;)
Dress Rehearsal Gem Hair Brush
Even your bathroom counter could use a little Pride sparkle! We hear this one doubles real well as a “microphone,” so sing your heart out as you’re getting ready. Pride hair ideas: tease it out real big for some 70s flair or comb it into super space buns!
Talent Show Butterfly Hair Clips
Top off any look with a touch of sparkle! The perfect amount of “oomph” to frame your face like a picture frame and let your true self shine.

Roller Derby Headband
Rainbow is a neutral, right?! We say so! Though the pattern looks bold, this headband really goes with everything. We especially love it paired with a super Pride-y tutu or fairy wings. Complete with extra padding and a super cushy fit for all-day wear (those parades sure do last a lot of blocks!).

Rainbow PRIDE Bundle
Everything you need to celebrate in a big way! Pride is THE time to cover your face in sparkly gem stickers and we’ve got you covered with four whole pages of ‘em. Plus, the Dress Rehearsal Gem Hair Brush + Happy Hour Bracelets to complete your festive fit.
For Pride month, we’re thrilled to partner with the It Gets Better Project, an incredible non-profit that works to support and empower LGBTQ+ youth around the world. From June 1st through June 30th, 10% of sales from the Rainbow Edit will go to their life-saving organization. You can support them throughout the year by following the It Gets Better Project on Instagram or by making a donation!