How to Keep in Touch With a Summer Pen Pal

School is out and summer is finally hereeee! With all that newfound free time, it’s the perfect moment to reach out to old friends and keep in touch with distant ones. Maybe a neighborhood pal recently moved away or a school BFF is spending the summer at camp? Whatever it may be, why not send a letter, send a package, send a SUPER FUN activity?! Say “hi,” show your love, and keep in touch the old-school way (snail mail is COOL!).

Below, we’ve rounded up everything you’ll need to create the ultimate DIY KIT (Keep In Touch) package for your summer pen pal. Get crafty!

Ultimate (Mega Sized!) Sticker Book
The foundation for every AWESOME kids craft—stickers, of course, and lots of ‘em! Use our Ultimate Sticker Book to create a funky card, filled with personality. Write out your personalized note to your pen pal (be sure to update them on everything you’ve been up to this summer!) and then cover it in stickers.

Scratch ‘n Sniff Sticker Book
If you’re sending a little care package or stuffing the envelope with some goodies, the Scratch ‘n Sniff Stickers are the perfect addition! Kids at camp, we think, will especially appreciate this fun and nostalgic activity. You can even create a game out of it—scratch ‘n sniff, what kinda scent will ya get?? Yuck or yum!

Make It Super DIY Bead Kit
As cute and classic as it gets, FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS! They’re the perfect way to show your pals you’re thinking about them. And when you make them yourself, you can customize them with smiley faces and gems in their favorite colors! An idea: you could make a bracelet for your friend AND send them the supplies to make one for you too. That way, you’ll have the excitement of a return package to look forward to :)

BFF Twin Stars Necklace Set
A must-have gift for any long-distance BFF duo. The BFF Necklace Set will keep you both forever connected, a constant reminder of your fun times together and also just a super cool accessory to sparkle up every outfit (win-win, if you ask us). Whether you’re together or apart, your friendship is so special—like a shooting star!

Everyday Polish Nail Art Sticker Booklet 
Maybe you’re wanting a more high-speed connection? Mail your pal their own Nail Art Sticker Booklet, set a FaceTime playdate, and do manicures together! This way, you can decorate your nails while catching up over all the summer’s biggest news. It’ll hold you over until you’re back together IRL again (and your nails will be looking pretty great, too!).