A Summer Camp Packing List!

Afternoons at the lake and evenings around the campfire… aaah, there's nothing more magical than summer camp! What’s less magical? The dreaded camp packing list. Good news for you, we’ve broken down all the essentials your kiddo needs in order to have a SUPER summer at camp, without sacrificing sparkles (of course 😉). These are all the Super Smalls must-haves that are durable enough to survive even the roughest of camp conditions and provide A LOT of fun, entertainment, and style along the way!
Days of the Week Lip Balm Necklace
Every camper’s must-have! The perfect way to keep track of your weekly activity schedule. And, keep your lips moisturized (with 7 different fruity flavors!) in the face of that hot summer sun. Wear one (or wear ‘em all) along the necklace chain for an easy-peasy accessory.
Casual Friday Super Clip
Without parents around to keep those tresses detangled, an easy hair clip is an absolute essential! 😉 With the Super Clip, just throw your hair up (half-up, all the way up, whatever you like) and you’re ready to get back to your jam-packed day.
Mermaid in Training Goggles
You’ll be ready to pass the first-day-of-camp swim test with help from our Mermaid in Training Goggles! They’ll help you channel your inner mermaid skills and you’ll be ready for long days hangin’ at the lake in no time at all (maybe you’re even ready to try your hand at waterskiing??).
Make It Super DIY Bead Kit
A classic camp activity with a sparkly Super Smalls touch. Gather your pals around during craft-time for a super session of friendship bracelet making! You’ll make it soo clear to the entire camp who the coolest (and most stylish and creative!) bunk is 😎
Everyday Polish Nail Art Sticker Booklet
An epic activity for those mid-afternoon free-hours! Whether you’re lazing around the bunk or lounging at the lakeside beach, break out the Nail Art Stickers and you’ll have everyone flocking to you for their manicure fix. These smiley faces, peace signs, and sunshines could not be more perfect for #campvibes.
Scratch ‘n Sniff Sticker Book
A little fun before “lights out” never hurt anyone! This silly, mess-free activity will create for lots of memorable laughs. Who’s gonna get the “yum” and “yuck” stickers?? Maybe one of those “yums” will even inspire a late-night kitchen raid (just don’t tell anyone where you got that idea 😂).
Brainstorm Baseball Hat
You can’t leave for camp without a baseball hat! Mom will have a field day if you come home sunburnt. We have a feeling this one will garner you a lot of friends, announcing just how “super” you are to all your fellow campers!