6 Slumber Party Activities for Kids

It’s Saturday night and it’s time for a…SLUMBER PARTY! Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Super Smalls is the ultimate destination for creating a slumber party to remember! From our activities to our crafts (and our generally super sparkly vibes), we’ve got everything you need to be the hostess with the mostest. We’ll leave you responsible for the snacks and the movies, but allow us to take care of allll the rest! Read on below for EVERYTHING you need to know. But you’ve been warned—your pals just might want to come over to your house every weekend! 
Self Care Nail Kit:
It wouldn’t be a stellar girls night without some spa time! Gather all your pals for a gab sesh and mani/ pedis—pick your colors, add a coat of sparkles, and even some nail art stickers! You won’t even have to worry about smudging them when it's time to get cozy in the blanket fort because this kit comes decked out with your own nail dryer. Cool, huh?!
Talent Show Butterfly Hair Clips:
We’re prettyyyy sure sleepovers are where we learned to french braid hair (a very necessary life-skill that’ll treat you well into adulthood!). Sit everyone down in a train (criss-cross-apple-sauce, of course!) and start braiding the pal in front of you. You’ll definitely want some sparkly butterfly clips to complete everyone’s slumber party hair makeovers!
Make It Super DIY Bead Kit:
A sleepover is a special time to cement lifelong friendships! Why not celebrate that by making matching friendship bracelets?! It’ll truly be a night to remember once you have a gem-filled, jewel-covered souvenir that you can accessorize with everyday. Creating and crafting are always more fun with friends 😀
Night Out Gem Makeup:
It’s time to move on to the dress-up portion of the evening, whether you’re playing pretend “fairy adventures” or merely looking to sparkle-fy your PJ aesthetic, gem makeup is always a good idea. A unicorn in plaid pajamas?! A truly inspired look, if we do say so ourselves. We also recommend breaking out the ice cream and a polaroid camera while the gem makeup is happening for some fabulous slumber party momentos.
Another accessory to bring extra flair to dress-up shenanigans, these play shoes will have every kiddo begging for a turn at a twirl! With hidden gems inside the heels that shimmy and shake when you walk, the sleepover crew can even choreograph their very own song and dance. And mom will surely be thanking us for keeping the little ones out of her precious closet 😉
Ultimate (Mega Sized!) Sticker Book:
With a sticker book THIS mega sized, you could seriously stay up all night crafting! And we have a feeling you just might try (though remember, dad will have those pancakes ready in the morning, so some sleep is DEFINITELY a good idea). Whether you’re decorating signs for the school bake sale or illustrating an entire book of your epic sleepover tales, this sticker book is truly a must.