How to Craft Your Own Gem Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins can get a little… well, messy. Here at Super Smalls, we prefer to decorate our Halloween pumpkins in an easy-peasy, no-clean-up-required kinda way—with major GEMS, of course!
Our sparkly stickers are the ultimate way to dress up your spooky season decor to seriously shine under the full moon. Get ready to attract countless compliments from all the neighbors. We’ve compiled a step-by-step guide below on how to recreate these IG-worthy gem pumpkins. So, grab your Super Smalls stickers, gem-ify your pumpkins, and tag us @super.smalls #SuperSmallsify #GemPumpkin when you post ‘em online!
Step 1: Assemble Your Supplies
What You’ll Need:
Ultimate (Mega-Sized!) Sticker Book
Get Into Character Face Gems
Pumpkins of your choice

Our Ultimate (Mega-Sized!) Sticker Book has over 700 gems for you to choose—we want to see that pumpkin completely covered in jewels! Or, go the route of our Get Into Character Face Gems and create a face or character for your pumpkin to emote. Maybe you’re thinking of making a mermaid pumpkin or a witch / wizard themed one? Regardless, all you need is Super Smalls stickers, a pumpkin, and you’re ready to go! No messy carving supplies, no scissors, and no candles required. Instead of glowing from within, your pumpkin’s exterior will shine for all to see!
Step 2: Get Decorating

There are so many options for taking your pumpkin from drab to fab! Give it a face (with our Get Into Character Face Gems) like Maria! Go the 360° gem direction and completely cover it in sparkles like Bianca! Or, take a page out of Luna’s playbook and use the letter stickers to write out your name and the names of your sibs! You really can’t go wrong with this craft—just keep decorating until your sparkle-loving heart’s content.
Step 3: Show off the Guards

Once you feel sufficiently satisfied with your gem-ified pumpkins, it’s time to place them on your porch and display them for all the neighborhood pals to see (you’re definitely going to catch the attention of all the Pinterest-obsessed moms down the block, too). There’s no mess to clean up in the house and you’re ready to sit back, relax, enjoy your super sparkly work, and dig into a bowl of Halloween candy.