It’s an Emerald, It’s a Rocket, It’s the SUPER POWERS OF SUPER SMALLS!

Did you know that everything at Super Smalls is instilled with superpowers? It’s true, we swear! We put a little bit of magic and lots of super-smart ideas into our products. Don’t believe us? Check out these superpowered products and how to harness their powers for good!
Super Vision Kaleidoscope
You may think, why that’s just an ordinary kaleidoscope. WRONG! It is a magical device filled with a super secret potion that gives you the ability to transport to a fantasy world where everything sparkles. Kind of like the emerald city, but way cooler in our opinion.
Mermaid Pool Party Mega Set
What makes this nautical necklace and chunky bracelet set so special? It’s waterproof! No need to worry about damaging these precious pearls when diving between the waves. You might even be able to impress a mermaid or communicate with a dolphin when you wear this powerful seashell pendant!
Red Carpet Mega Set
If elastic-girl could only choose one set it would be this extra-stretchy statement necklace for when you must make a quick change from your soccer uniform into your ball gown—just throw it on or off over the head and you’re ready for the next adventure!
Me Time Double Mood Rings
Clairvoyance is the power these stunning sparklers hold—the ability to tell you how anyone is feeling with a single touch! This set comes with two gorgeous rings. Perfect for sharing with BFFs or arch-nemeses! Just kidding, it’s all-positive vibes over here.

Heart of Gold Jewelry Mega Set
If your dream power is the gift of MIND CONTROL, then you will need this extra-special pendant to hypnotize bad guys! Just one look at the mesmerizing jewel-filled heart and they’ll be spilling the location of the stolen loot!

Opening Night Play Shoes
With Gems at your heels, you can face any challenge head on! These marvelous mules contain the ability for super height! But will you use your new gift for good or EVIL? Rescue a cat from a tree or steal candy from the top shelf?!