Kids Gifts That Are So Cool, You’ll Steal Them For Yourself

We’ve always said that Super Smalls is for kids… and “kids at heart.” From the beginning, it’s been clear that some parents love our pieces just as much as their littles do—and we love that! SO, this holiday season, we’ve decided to put together a little gift guide, specifically curated with items we know the “big kids” 😉tend to love. You can share these with your little one or keep ‘em in your own closet!
Rainbow Rave Wrap-Around Bracelet Set
Celebrate the season with a hint of 90s nostalgia! Like those “slap” bracelets of your youth, these colorful cuties wrap around the wrist and hit allll the right notes (yes, kids love all things rainbow, but it’s also SUPER on-trend for adults right now).

Lucky Streak REAL 4-Leaf Clover Necklace
This necklace features a REAL 4-leaf clover and we don’t care how old you are, that is SO COOL. Our founder, Maria, wears this one everyday and we love the way she styles it amongst her stack of fancy charm necklaces.

Everyday Polish Nail Art Sticker Booklet
Nail art doesn’t have an age limit! Why not forgo your weekly manicure and try these out instead?! For when you’re feeling a little playful with your personal style and are looking to make a fun statement!

BFF Twin Stars Necklace
This is SUCH a fun one because it was made for sharing! The set comes with two necklaces so you can keep one for yourself AND match with your little. The “gold” chain and retro star design, similarly to the Lucky Streak Necklace, will seamlessly slide into your favorite stack of vintage jewels. Plus, an included booklet explains the different “facets” of friendship—a perfect spark to an important conversation between parents and kids.

Show Stopper “Mommy & Me” Headband Set
Ok, this one was actually designed FOR you! One for you and one for your mini, these extra comfy headbands boast several trendy features—tie dye, velvet, gold, and rainbow gems! It’s the perfect “cherry on top” to your festive outfit for the holiday party.

Dance Class Clip-On Shoelace Charms
Looking for a way to customize those Converse or personalize your Vejas? We get it, you probably LIVE in your sneakers, you’re a busy parent on-the-go. But, it’s easy to get bored of the same rotation. Our Clip-on Shoelace Charms instantly add a unique and fashion-minded “wow factor” to your otherwise tried-and-true drop-off attire.