The Ultimate Summer Craft for Kids: Friendship Bracelets!!!

If summer isn’t the season for friendship bracelets, then we don’t know what is! Whether you’re looking for a camp activity, a boredom buster, or a fun way to keep in touch with your BFFs, there’s no better way to craft the time away. Another reason why friendship bracelet-making is the perfect summer activity? You can do it outside on sunny days (or inside on rainy ones)! Take ‘em to the park, the pool, or the playground, and you’ll have alllll the kiddos clamoring to get in on the fun. 
Recently, our pals Claire and Grant (@babyclairebear) got together to make some bracelets in celebration of National Best Friends Day! We love how they came out and wanted to share their tips for crafting your own personalized accessories. Follow these simple steps for the easiest-peasiest, fun-filled summer craft for kids.
Step 1.
The first step to creating the coolest friendship bracelets is to grab your Make It Super DIY Bead Kit and make sure it’s ready to go. Inside the kit is everything you need to get your craft on—stretchy cord, colorful beads, fancy gems, and pearls!

Step 2.
Claire and Grant got EXTRA creative and added some “letter” beads from their local craft store into the mix. They spelled out “friends” and “BFF” for an additional touch. If you have other types of beads around the house, feel free to mix those in with the bead kit’s offering to create the bracelets of your dreams.

Step 3.
Just like Claire, be sure to ask a grown-up if you need help tying your cord when you’re all done beading! And if you, like Grant, have more than one BFF, no problem! Our Bead Kit has MORE than enough beads for you to keep making bracelets ALL day, one for every pal.

Step 4.
Everyone appreciates a nice gift box, especially if you’re mailing these to far-away friends! Be sure to decorate the boxes with sparkly stickers from the Ultimate (Mega Sized!) Sticker Book.

Step 5.
Rock your bracelets and style them to your liking. They’ll pair perfectly with all your other Super Smalls jewels and add a personalized touch to every outfit. Woohoo!