FREE New Year's Eve Printables!

Printable Kids’ Activities for New Year’s Eve! 
Think your little ones can make it to midnight?! Anticipation for the ball dropping may be enough to keep them busy, but we’ve gone ahead and created some SUPER fun activities for you to ensure they’re entertained all night long. Plus, a new year is the perfect time to reflect on goals and wishes. Our fun games will prompt them to set their new year’s resolutions, setting them up to shine for a SUPER 2023! Download each page, print ‘em out, grab a pen, and get to it (between sips of sparkling apple cider, of course). 

Mad Libs New Year’s Resolutions:

It’s a traditional game of Mad Libs, but with a Super Smalls take and a New Year’s Eve twist! Fill in the blanks to create a story that reflects on all the cool things you’ve been up to in 2022 and all the SUPER cool things you want to get at in 2023. Push yourself to come up with out-of-the-box ideas—sure, a trip to Disney World sounds sweet, but what if you could fly to the moon on the winged unicorn that’s been living in your Grandma’s backyard?! 

New Year’s Word Search:

Search for the words within the jumble! The first phrase you see will be your resolution for the new year—something you’re looking forward to or working towards! Whether you want to make more time for crafting, learn to ride a bike, or are hopeful for a new family puppy, this activity will help you decide what’s important to YOU as we enter 2023.