Make 2023 Magical!

These gifts for kids are supercharged with magical charms and gems, ready to bring good luck and good vibes to your little one’s new year.
Turn up the magic in 2023! It’s a new year and a new opportunity to reset, recharge, and rejoice. And, why not add a little magic to the mix?! Whether it’s as far-out as tapping into the sorcerous supernatural or as simple as making a whimsical wish, these are the powerfully sparkly gifts and accessories that will bring you good luck and good vibes all year long. Are ya ready for it? Let’s get witchy! 

Me Time Double Mood Rings

Our color-changing rings (that also happen to be covered in gems) will uncover your mood! We hear mood rings are trending on Tik Tok with the tweens and tweens, and we think everyone should get in on the fun with this ~vibey~ fashion statement. 

Spinner Rings

A cross between a fidget spinner and a super cool accessory, our NEW Spinner Rings will bring you focus AND fashion. With a single spin of your rings, you can unlock the SUPERPOWERS of calmness, creativity, and courage—talk about the energy we want to bring into the new year.

Magic Unicorn Pendant

Who doesn’t love a unicorn moment?! You can’t go wrong with this colorful pendant necklace that’ll bring an enchanted touch of whimsy to your little one’s everyday style. It’s even engraved with the phrase “Make Your Own Magic” as a reminder that magic comes from within and can always be crafted in every moment. 

Lucky Streak REAL 4-Leaf Clover Necklace

When you find a 4-leaf clover, you know it’s bound to be a pretty magical day. This necklace features a REAL one (YES, you read that), so you can actually carry good luck with you wherever you go. Plus, it’s got rainbow gems and a sweet “gold” chain (“kids-at-heart” love to rock this style, too).