8 Mega Sets for the 8 Nights of Hanukkah!

Hanukkah is all about spreading light, and creating brightness and warmth in the world! What better way to do that than with mega-watt SPARKLES that shine for all to see?! It’s not always easy coming up with eight different gifts for each new night of the holiday, but we’ve crafted the ultimate gift guide that breaks down our eight Mega Jewelry Sets! So as you light the menorah and bless the candles, your little can also look forward to an extra sparkly treat that celebrates each night of Hanukkah.
Big Presentation Mega Set
Starting night one off right with some major statement-making gems! This pink, heart-shaped set brings out the girly girl inside all of us. Pro tip: layer these jewels on top of a turtleneck for a winter-friendly outfit recipe.
Black Tie Mega Set
Yellow and blue are the Hanukkah colors, making this set (also with pops of pink!) perfect for celebrating the occasion. That giant yellow “diamond” teardrop evokes the shape and glow of the candles flickering atop the menorah, reminding us of the miracle of light!
Mermaid Pool Party Mega Set
For the little who aced their swim lessons and is missing days at the pool, this spirited set is the perfect reminder to carry the warmth of long summer days into the darker days of winter. We have a feeling mermaids might LOVE lighting the Hanukkah candles 😉
House Party Pearl Mega Set
Mom’s pearls may only come out for special occasions like Jewish holidays, but these play “pearls” can be worn everyday from accessorizing school outfits to playing princess dress-up with pals. A Hanukkah gift that speaks to generations of pearl-loving Jewish women!
Red Carpet Mega Set
What Hanukkah dreams are made of, this Mega Set features gold balls reminiscent of the tastiest chocolate gelt and colorful gems that look like those jelly candies Zedde seems to love. Perfect for dressing up or down, this stretchy design is a glam (and comfy!) staple.
Ice Cream Run Mega Set
Ice cream may not be the most traditional of Hanukkah desserts, but no one is stopping us from adding it to the rotation! This Mega Set is the perfect gift for a rainbow-loving kid who can’t get enough color and sparkle—a different kind of Hanukkah treat!
Emerald Ball Mega Set
Ideal for a Hanukkah party, this extra fancy set is just begging for a spin around the dance floor (even a makeshift one in Bubbe’s living room). Complete the look with crispy, golden latkes in both hands.
Lock & Key “Mommy & Me” Necklace Set
This is a set made for sharing! It’s only fair that you (the shopper, the holiday magic maker extraordinaire!) get in on the fun, too. This Super sweet set is a lovely way to show the world the mega LOVE in your hearts, with a fashion-forward flair, of course.