Craft Like Cupid: DIY Valentine's Day Boxes

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and let's face it, receiving chocolates, cute cards, and those heart-shaped lollipops is practically a sport! But to become a Valentine's Day champion, you need the ultimate goodie-collecting companion: a stellar Valentine's Day box! Whether you're a parent helping your kids conquer the candy exchange at school or you're a grown-up determined to make your loot look legendary, we've got you covered.
Join us on a crafting journey that will guide you step by step as we create three show-stopping Valentine's Day Box – because let's be real, when it comes to gathering those sweet treats, having the right box is like winning the lottery of love!

Sweet As Cake

Who says you can't have your cake and collect your Valentine's Day goodies too? With our 'Sweet As Cake' Valentine's Day box, you get the best of both worlds!

Supplies: A Super Smalls Mega Set Box, Make It Heartfelt Mini Bead Kit, Ultimate (Mega Sized!) Sticker Book, Construction Paper, Scissors, Glue, Puff Paint 

Step 1: Cover your empty Super Smalls box with construction paper (whatever color your heart desires) using scissors and glue!

Step 2 :
Line the edges of your box with puff paint to give an ‘icing’ effect. Get creative with it – Make squiggles, curly-q’s, blobs, whatever you want!

Step 3:
Using the Make It Heartfelt Mini Bead Kit, stick your favorite gems and beads into the puff paint before it dries.

Step 4: Now all you have to do is add sprinkles…AKA Stickers! Add an extra personal touch with a sweet message using our sparkly Ultimate (Mega Sized!) Sticker Book.

Looks good enough to eat!

Love Bug Bag

Who needs a traditional Valentine's Day box when you can flaunt your love on the go with our 'Love Bug Bag'? It's not just a purse; it's a statement piece guaranteed to make everyone 'bug-eyed' with envy!
Supplies: 2 Paper Plates, Scissors, Hole Punch, Ribbon, Glue, Super Sticker Sheet: Good Vibes, Super Sticker Sheet: Good Luck Charms, Alphabet Shine Sticker Book, Construction Paper

Step 1: Stack 2 paper plates on top of each other, and cut off the top 1-2 inches in a straight line, creating an opening for your purse. With your paper plates still together, use a hole puncher to create holes along the edges of the plates.

Step 2 : Using your favorite ribbon, sew the two paper plates together by stringing in and out of every hole until the edges are sealed. Leave enough ribbon length at each end to make the purse handles. Then cut using scissors and tie a bow at the end!

Step 3: Get crafty and decorate your purse using construction paper hearts and our Super Sticker Sheets (we recommend the Good Vibes, and Good Luck Charms to manifest the best Valentine’s day treats)!

Step 4: Enhance your purse’s charm with personalized messaging using our Alphabet Shine Sticker Book. Pro Tip: heartfelt words are known to attract extra Valentine’s Day treats! 
With a purse like this, Valentine’s Day is guaranteed to be ‘tote-ally’ amazing! 

Super Sticker!

Crafting a memorable Valentine's Day box doesn't have to be complicated –  ‘Stick’ to simplicity, and let the sparkles do the talking with our ‘Super Sticker’ Valentine’s Day Box. 

Supplies: Super Smalls x WOLF Box, Scissors, Alphabet Shine Sticker Book, Ultimate Mega Sized Sticker Book 

Step 1: Grab the biggest Super Smalls Box you can find! Cut out an opening at the top of your empty box (make sure it’s big enough for envelopes, chocolate, and more!)

Step 2 : Write your name on the front of the box using our Alphabet Shine Sticker Book – This way, everyone will know exactly who's ready to receive a dose of Valentine's Day love and candy!

Step 3: Decorate your box with stickers from our Ultimate Mega Sized Sticker Book. Choose from rainbows, unicorns, butterflies, glow-in-the-dark stars, oversized gemstones, and more to create a whimsical Valentine's Day wonderland!
 Living proof that sometimes the most enchanting creations come from the simplest of ideas!

Remember that crafting is like love - messy, unpredictable, but utterly delightful! Whether you went for 'Sweet As Cake,' 'Love Bug Bag,' or 'Super Sticker Valentine's Day Box,' your creations are unique and filled with love.

Crafting is about having fun and creating memories, not perfection. Now, go fill those fantastic boxes with surprises and prepare to dazzle your loved ones!