Don’t Let a Rainy Day Get You Down! Get Creative Instead.

As much as we wish summer days were exclusively fun in the sun, there’s no denying that afternoon showers can sometimes interrupt our best laid plans. When the rainy day blues hit (& there’s no teacher around to keep your little ones occupied! We feel you, parents!), it's always a good idea to have some indoor activities in your magical bag of tricks. These are our go-to kids craft projects and entertainment when the weather is… uh, less than inspiring.
A rainy day is totally worth it if you can get your very own, custom-made accessory out of it! From friendship bracelets to gem-covered necklaces, maybe even a collar for a furry friend!, this kit will encourage every kid’s inner-creative to come out and play. From dreaming up their own designs to bringing them to life, they’ll have the full jewelry-designer experience all in a rainy day’s work with sparkly beads, oversized gem pendants and endless possibilities!
If you’ve got a sticker-loving little, there is no better gift! With over 700 stickers and endless options to choose from (talk about butterflies, rainbows, glow-in-the-dark stars, oversized gemstones, sparkly shapes, and more!), your craft projects just got a wholeee lot more fun. Keep them entertained til the storms pass by decorating everything in sight.
This is your ticket to easy, mess-free crafting! With everything you need to decorate the ultimate accessory included (pre-cut, foam crowns and tiaras + 300 stickers!), feel free to sit back and let them create away! The best part? Once your crown or tiara is royally bejeweled, you’ve got countless hours of play ahead (who doesn’t want to be Queen or King for a day??).
Who doesn’t love a rainy afternoon spa day moment?! At-home manicures will definitely do the trick, making for a super fun activity + a lasting statement nail look. If you’re lucky, maybe your super kid will even share ;)
If all else fails, why not turn the volume up on their favorite tunes and have a little at-home dance party! And, of course, no party would be complete without a whole lot of AWESOME face gems (reusable stickers that create the coolest “makeup” looks). Unleash your inner Mermaid, Fairy Princess, or Unicorn, and boogie the rain away!