Halloween Costumes for Kids—the Super Smalls Way!

It’s that special time of year when we bring out the apple cider, the candy corn, the pumpkin baskets, and… the Halloween costumes! 
Are you tired of the same boring costumes you see parading the neighborhood year after year? We’ve got the cure for that—our Super unique, Super cool kids jewelry and accessories will take your costume to the next level. You’ll be ready for blast off or the belle of the ball, and the winner of that all-important costume contest trophy!
Though these face gems were specifically designed to emulate Mermaid, Unicorn, and Fairy Princess looks, they’re the perfect addition to up the ante on just about any costume. Sea Monster? Sure! Sparkly dinosaur? Why not! Glamorous astronaut? Ya know, that might be a new one, but we are SO here for it!
Your gateway to the ultimate 1950’s costume! Just add a poodle skirt and a ponytail, and you’re ready to go retro. But really, pair these sunnies with the Heart to Heart Set and the Lucky Streak Real 4-Leaf Clover Necklace for a doo-wop-style Halloween promenade. Maybe you’ll even end up at the sundae bar, where you can top your ice cream with all your trick-or-treating goods. 
Build your mermaid costume around this Super seashell jewelry set! Even if it’s chilly come October 31st, you’ll look ready for the beach with these special ocean-inspired sparkles. Complete your attire with our Night Out Gem Makeup’s Mermaid look, lots of fun bracelets (we suggest the Happy Hour Set or the Rainbow Rave Bracelet), and the Cloud Watching Hair Pin Set.
So, you wanna be a pop star? Look no further than the most glamorous hair brush—it just became your new microphone. You’ll be channeling your favorite pop-star in no time. To add a bit of 90s nostalgia to your pop star attire, layer on our Rainbow Rave Bundle with a BFF Twin Stars Necklace. The Dinner & A Movie Clip-On Earring Set is the perfect finishing touch. 
This sparkly set, oozing in elegance, will complete your princess costume of choice. Though it may be designed to perfectly compliment a certain frosty queen, the possibilities here are endless. Pair these jewels with our Power Lunch Ring Set and elaborate braids filled with our Talent Show Butterfly Hair Clips to get yourself a look that princess dreams are made of.
When you purchase our Build Your Own Trick-Or-Treat Bundle, you’ll receive a free Pumpkin Basket AND Witch’s Hat on us! Your magical, mystical witch costume will be complete with these additions, though we’ve heard that witches can’t resist an extra bit of sparkle. Give your ensemble a major pop with jewels from our Ice Cream Run Mega Set!