How to Build the Perfect Goodie Bag

Create SUPER Fun Goodie Bags for Any Kids’ Occasion

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Halloween, or your kid's birthday party, it feels like there’s always an occasion popping up that’s ripe for a goodie bag giveaway. When hosting a gathering or getting your “room mom” on at school, it’s always fun to send your guests home with a little reminder of the celebration. Though it’s a bit of extra effort, the sentiment goes a long way (seriously, the other parents will be talking about how awesome you are). Now, what to fill a goodie bag with?! It can be as simple as a sheet of stickers and a piece of candy or as elaborate as hand-made friendship bracelets and homemade baked goods. We’ll leave that to your discretion. But, read on for our top ideas for creating the ultimate goodie bags for kids… 

Celebration Headbands

Let the headband do the talking! Just imagine how cute the photos will be with all the classmates or party guests rocking these sparkly favors! Leave one out on every kid’s plate, so they can wear them throughout the event and then take them home for the next occasion. The best part? We made sure the black headbands are veryyy comfy. 

Make It Super DIY Bead Kit

Now, this is a fun task to assign to your little ones! They’ll have a blast making personalized friendship bracelets for all their pals. The kit contains enough beads and materials to create bracelets for the entire friend group, and everyone will appreciate receiving a special hand-made memento that’s wearable and meaningful. 

Everyday Royalty DIY Crown & Tiara Kit

Another crafty option that serves as great entertainment for kids! This kit comes with 5 foam crowns and tiaras, making it an excellent choice for smaller gatherings. We even love the thought of handing these out as party activity — maybe it’s a royal tea party theme and each guest can decorate their own before moving on to birthday cake and presents. 

Goodie Bag Sticker Bundle

The easy-peasy, no brainer option that is unique, cost-effective, and SUPER sparkly! The Sticker Bundle includes 12 sticker sheets that can be broken up into individual goodie bags — featuring rainbows, butterflies, peace signs, hearts, flowers, and so much more. Just add in a piece of your little one’s favorite candy and you’re ready to go! The stickers are so fun and fab, no one will even know how low-effort they were.