The Garbage Ghost

Sure - you’ve probably heard of the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny… but what about the unsung hero of the holiday season - the Garbage Ghost?

Every year, on December 31st, the very last day of the year which also happens to be New Year’s Eve Day, a ghost appears. But not just any ghost, a very friendly, super special ghost. The Garbage Ghost appears at the first sight of all the sparkle, sequins, and celebration that have come out to play.

Even though when you usually think of garbage you think of gross, dirty, or broken things, this ghost deals with a different kind of garbage. You know all the nightmares you had this year? All the bad habits, fights and sad tears? The Garbage Ghost comes to clean up, and throw those away. The Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny get a lot of appreciation, but really, it’s The Garbage Ghost who makes way for all that goodness to come. He’s the unsung hero who makes way for a super great year. 

The coolest thing about starting a new year is having a clean slate. A shiny new calendar that’s ready for you to take on, in all your uniquely fun and bright ways. In order to make way for all the good, The Garbage Ghost comes in to take out all the bad. He’s a cool ghost who comes in to the party unannounced, and leaves equally as sneakily right at the strike of midnight. He hibernates for the next 364 days, only to come out when you need him again, at the very end of the next year.