Super Ornament Kit Spotlight

Meet Your Perfect Christmas Gift, The Super Ornament Ki

Create meaningful traditions with this super special kids’ gift!

It’s the most magical time of the year! And you’re one superhuman for making alllll that magic come to life (we see you, parents!). Well, we’re here to let you in on a little tip. Our newest holiday activity kit, The Super Ornament Kit is here to do some of that crafty entertaining for you and take your tree decorating traditions to a whole new level! 
The kit includes 3 plastic ornaments, an activity booklet, 150+ jewels, charms, and stickers, markers, and paper wish prompts. To begin, read through the booklet to get a feel for what each of the sparkly do-dads means—some show off your Christmas cheer while others symbolize your silly spirit! Fill your ornament with all the sparkly knick-knacks that represent YOU and your uniquely special personality. 
Next, full out each of the 2 prompts. You can choose from “My wish is…,” “I’m grateful for…,” or both. Really think about it. What have you been so thankful for this past year? Maybe you’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with your grandparents this holiday season or you learned how to play a new instrument? Then, look ahead to the next year. What are you wishing for? Maybe you’d like to see world peace happen or maybe you’d just like for your dad to bake his famous cookies more often. All wishes—from big to (super) small—are welcome. Stuff your papers inside the ornament along with your decorations and close the top. 
Take your “Snow” pen and draw designs on the outside of your ornament. Feel free to write your name, the date, or any other details you like! Use the stickers and gems to make your ornament look fancy and festive. 
Finally, it’s time to hang your new ornament on the tree for all to see! See, it’s as simple as can be to start new holiday traditions that create everlasting memories and magic for little ones! With so many ways to celebrate the season, your kiddos will enjoy a moment of reflection while getting creative and unleashing their imaginations.