Stocking Stuffers

These Are the Kids’ Gifts That Make SUPER Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers may be small, but that doesn’t mean they should be any less super! Don’t forget about those magical little gifts that’ll bring major smiles and magic to your little one’s holiday season. We’ve rounded up our favorite kids’ gifts that’ll fit inside a stocking and make any celebration instantly sparklier (let’s be honest, these accessories are WAY better than socks). 

Super Sticker Bundle

This sticker bundle includes a sheet for every mood! Perfect for decorating anything in sight or maybe making a homemade card to thank Santa, this is one of those gifts that’ll really light up a stocking with sparkle and shine. 

Rainbow Super Clip

Perfect for the too-cool tweens on your list, this hair clip will fit into a stocking and bring extra cheer to the morning routine, letting your big kid throw up their hair while showing off their ooh so fashionable personal style. 

Power Lunch Ring Set

This Ring Set offers BIG pay-off in a little package. With five wow-worthy gem rings, you’re about to seriously upgrade the dress-up collection for play-time (or, anytime 😉). 

Magic Unicorn Pendant

This fashion-forward necklace (hello half-and-half chain with gold links and pearls—we see you!) will serve as a reminder for all kiddos to make their own magic in the world. Plus, unicorns just make everything better (obviously). 

Spinner Ring Set

The newest product to our ever-growing lineup, the Spinner Ring Set is a cross between a focus-inducing fidget spinner and a super cool accessory. It comes with a little booklet that’ll teach you how to spin, spin, spin and unlock superpowers (creativity, courage, and calm!). 

Everyday Polish Nail Art Sticker Book

The perfect pick-me-up to round out your stocking stuffers! These nail art stickers will bring a pop of fun to your mani-cute 😉