Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Galentines and Pals

Photo Credit: @tinygirlgang
Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite holidays. It’s a whole day to celebrate LOVE—what could be better than that?! And beyond candy hearts and cupid, it’s really about the people who mean the most to you—from siblings and parents to classmates and besties! We strongly believe that nothing beats “I love you,” but a little bit (or A LOT) of sparkle sure is fun 😄 We’ve got unique, unexpected, and SUPER fun gifts for all the valentines on your list!
Heart of Gold Jewelry Mega Set
The newest mega set to join our lineup, and one of our absolute favorites, if we do say so ourselves 😉 Perfect for the sparkle-loving kid with pep in their step (those gems shimmy and shake as you walk!) and the biggest of hearts.
Red Carpet Mega Set
Does your galentine love to shine in the spotlight? We think this set is for her! Vibrant gemstones and bold shapes make for one Super statement. Plus, that heart takes center stage, showing your bff, sister, or even your pet kitten just how much you care!
Heart to Heart Mega Set
This mega set is perfect for your pal who wears their heart on their sleeve (we love a kid with big feelings who doesn’t want to hide them!). Now, they can wear their heart… around their wrist and fingers! We strongly believe too many heart jewels does not exist.
BFF Twin Stars Necklace Set
Raise your hand if you love a matching moment with your bff! This necklace set is about to be the ultimate treat for your favorite galentine! Celebrate your extra special friendship on this day of love with the coolest necklaces that mix 90s vibes with Super glam gems.
Snowball Fight Beanie Hat Set:
These cozy and cool beanies are beloved by ALL kids. Show them how much they mean to ya, in the *chillest* of ways that’ll warm their hearts and heads!
Photo Credit: @tinygirlgang
Photo Credit: @tinygirlgang