A Super Sparkly Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids!

This Valentine's Day craft is an ode to our one true love – gems and sparkles! Oh wait, that’s two true loves. Who’s counting? Anyway, follow along with @chloefleury and her adorable girls Lula and Anouk as they share a fancy, sparkl-ized paper Valentine's Day mirror craft using our Everyday Sparkle gem stickers!
You will need: printer paper, foam paper (preferably in two colors), mirror paper, Super Smalls Everyday Sparkle gems stickers, 1 headband, 1 paper cup, 2 straws (preferably 1 regular size and 1 large), 2 chenille pipe cleaners, glue, glue gun and scissors.
Ready? Set… CRAFT! 
Step 1: Fold a piece of printer paper and draw one side of a heart. Cut. This is your pattern! Our heart is about 6 inches.
Step 2: Pick two colors of foam paper and trace two hearts using your paper heart pattern. Cut.
Step 3: Use a smaller paper pattern to trace and cut a smaller heart on the mirror paper. This heart should be about 5 inches.
Step 4: Glue the three hearts together with the two foam hearts stacked on top of each other and the mirror heart on top. 
Pro tip: Glue the two foam hearts together facing each other so you cover your lines from tracing the pattern. :)
Step 5: Decorate around your heart mirror with your gem stickers. 
Pro Tip: Make it extra sparkly!! When it comes to gems, the more the merrier!
Step 6: Place the thin straw inside the headband and use the glue gun to secure each side. Cut the larger straw at about 5 inches.
Step 7: Insert the pipe cleaners inside your large straw.
Step 8: Time to attach the base to the mirror! With the pipe cleaners, go around the middle of the headband, twist and insert back into the straw.
Step 9: Decorate your paper cup with gem stickers. Again, you can never have too many! 
Step 10: Cut a hole (the size of your straw) in your cup and insert the big straw attached to the headband. Using the glue gun, glue around the hole at the intersection of the straw and the cup. 
Step 11: Using the glue gun, glue the back of your heart mirror to the thin straw. 
Step 12: Using the glue gun, glue a small rectangle piece of foam paper around the headband’s center going down to the straw to make sure it is secure. 
Pro Tip: Decorate with a gem! 
Step 13: Hooray! Your mirror is ready! Now you can play dress up and pile on your favorite Super Smalls jewels!
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Happy crafting, Super friends!