Me Time (Double!) Mood Rings

Set of two kids’ mood rings with color-changing center gem: changes color with your mood! :) One is surrounded by pink gems and the other by blue. Two mood chart guides included.

BFF Twin Stars Necklace Set

Set includes two matching star pendant necklaces on adjustable chains with “Best Friends” written on the back of each star. Colorful gems on each pendant represent a different quality all best friends possess (kindness, trust, empathy, humor, fun and forgiveness). Set comes with two “The Facets of a Great Friendship” booklets.

Everyday Sparkle 4-Page Sticker Book

Booklet includes four sheets of kids’ stick-on gems: choose from a rainbow of hearts, stars, flowers and more.

Dance Class Clip-On Shoelace Charms

Set of five kids’ clip-on shoe charms: rainbow, pink flower, yellow daisy, light blue pear shape and royal blue emerald shape.

*Our rings are all size 4 and adjustable (squeeze to tighten or pull apart slightly to loosen)

*Small parts, not intended for children under 3 years