Super Smalls is inspired by the joy of the extravagant and the whimsical. We take our inspiration from glitzy, grown up stuff— decadent fine jewelry and bold fashion—and translate that for a child’s eye.

Who we are (children)



Super Smalls is intended for children ages 3 to 12 and anyone young at heart (but old enough to know not to put an earring in their mouth!)

Super Smalls accessories are designed and packaged to look and feel like gifts. A Super Smalls box is a special thing to receive: a treat, a treasure, an easy indulgence and a pathway to fun.



An experienced leader in the fashion and accessories industry, Maria Dueñas Jacobs founded Super Smalls to combine her love for refined, beautiful and ornate objects with her passion for all things fun and kid-centric.

With three (super) small daughters, Maria’s family home is a headquarters of make believe, dress up and fearless fun. Super Smalls was born out of the idea that no matter how many beads and kids jewelry her daughters were given, they always wanted to play with mom’s jewelry instead.

Super Smalls encourages imagination and play for any child who enjoys a little extra sparkle.