Upcycle Your Super Smalls Boxes Into Kids Crafts

Reduce, reuse, recycle, right?! There’s a way to do it that still *increases* the fun, though! Our famous yellow boxes were actually designed just for this purpose (that’s why they’re so pretty). Recently, we invited Elisabeth and Eloise (@erob77) to see what they could come up with when using our boxes for a DIY craft. There’s so many options—drawer organizers, pencil cases, shadow boxes, and more! Read on to see what this dynamic duo created with upcycled supplies, a curious spirit, and an inventive imagination…

Step 1.
You must un-box before you can re-use the box. Now, we’d be lying if we didn’t say we enjoy this part of the process, possibly the most. You get a sparkly new accessory out of it, how cool is that?! Our belief is that one must be fully accessorized to access their greatest creative thinking.
Step 2.
Gather your materials and start brainstorming! Don’t be afraid to throw out your wackiest ideas, this is where your creativity can soar. There’s so many possibilities—but, it’s time to decide what you want to make. We’re big fans of mixing prints and unexpected color pairings.
Step 3.
Elisabeth and Eloise covered the sides of the boxes in fun floral fabrics. Spray adhesive glue is a handy tool here. A hint of yellow peeks through along the edges for an extra pop! What do you think their final goal is?? Where would YOU take this project from here?
Step 4.
Aaaaand, it’s starting to all come together! Adding buttons to the bottom of the boxes makes for perfect little bed risers. Next, we'll add a handcrafted mattress and pillow. 

Step 5.
Ta da! Your recycled jewelry boxes become the latest in interior design trends for Maileg Mice or other doll pals. Eloise dreamed up an awesome idea, but we want to see what you do next! Shop our pre-packaged craft kits OR try reusing our jewelry and accessory boxes to get your own creativity on. Tag us on Instagram so we can see what you’re up to!