A Super Smalls Spring Break Packing List

Aaah, Spring break! After all that hard work at school and all those chilly days at home, you’ve been dreaming of this moment and it’s finally here! The sun, the sand, and the water are calling your name.
But, what to pack? We’ve compiled the ideal packing list for any warm-weather getaway. Just follow our lead and you’ll have everything you need to have some serious fun in the sun (while rocking statement-making sparkles!).
Mermaid Pool Party Mega Set
The ultimate vacation accessory! Little known fact: this set is waterproof. Yep, you read that right—you can literally wear it into the pool or the ocean! How COOL?! From your swimsuit to your sundress and beyond, this set will bring instant mermaid vibes to all your Spring break looks.
Mermaid In Training Goggles
You won’t be fashionably (or functionally!) dressed for swimming without these! Unlock mermaid vision powers to see all the treasures at the bottom of the water and seriously up your swim game (there’s a SUPER seal on these that REALLY works). The pool deck is about to become your runway.
Days of The Week Lip Balm Necklace
The perfect way to mark each new day of Spring break—with a new lip balm flavor, of course! These FUN and fruity flavors evoke major tropical vibes, exactly the vacation energy you’re looking for. And wearing them around your neck makes for a funky and fab fashion statement!

Drive in Movie Sunglasses
You can’t leave for vacation without sunnies, they’re an absolute must-have no matter your destination! This pair will bring a touch of glam (hello, rhinestones!) and a hint of retro to your getaway wardrobe. Whether you’re sight-seeing, snacking, or chillaxing, you’ll be setting the trends AND standing out!

Brainstorm Baseball Hat
Sun protection is absolutely essential for any warm-weather trip! And, there’s no better way to do it (well, besides sunscreen, of course) than with the coolest accessory that proclaims just how SUPER you are! Everyone will see your awesome-ness coming from a mile away.

Everyday Polish Nail Art Sticker Booklet
No time for a pre-vacay salon trip? No problem! Throw this sticker booklet in your carry-on and you’ll be ready for your very own in-flight mani! Actually, you can apply these literally anywhere—from the backseat of the car to the beach! They’re the finishing touch to complete your Spring break look (there’s even sunshine + flower stickers to match your travel mindset!).