New School Year, New Look!

It may still be a heatwave in the city, but August means that school is right around the corner! And with a new school year comes new opportunities—to meet new teachers, make new friends, learn new things, and even try out a new style! Our edit of back to school essentials will help you find your groove and enter your new classroom with serious confidence (and serious sparkle!).

Days of the Week Lip Balm
Who needs a school planner when you can keep the days of the week around your neck?! A different flavor lip balm for each day of the week will give you a fun trick to look forward to each morning. Stay moisturized, while making a quirky style statement!

Ultimate (Mega Sized!) Sticker Book
This sticker book was MADE for decorating your school supplies! Add your personal touch (your name in gem letters, a signature rainbow butterfly, oversized jewels) on your books, lunch box - even your backpack! It's got 700+ stickers, so you're covered (literally) when it comes to creativity.

BFF Twin Stars Necklace Set
Missed your BFF all summer?! This is the perfect way to celebrate reuniting for the new school year—by cementing your super friendship status with some sparkle love and a matching necklace moment.

Stargazing Hair Snap Clip Set
With your hair out of your face, you can focus your eyes on the chalkboard (aaaand on all those cutie crushes)! This accessory will bring ease to your morning hair routine, amplifying your look with major sparkle factor in very little time—clip on and go!

Out & About Mask & Sunglass Chain
Masks and sunglasses are two useful things to always keep on hand! Instead of stuffing them deep into your backpack, why not keep them around your neck with this super fun accessory that plays double duty as a colorful necklace, too!