FREE Printable Activities for Kids, Thanksgiving Edition!

It’s that most wonderful time of the year—kids are out of school for holiday breaks and it’s your job to come up with creative and crafty activities to keep them busy throughout the season! Well, we’re here to tell you that we’ve got you. 
Not only do our toys, crafts, and activities kits inspire little ones to let their imaginations run wild, we’ve also got a handful of FREE holiday printables for you to use in a pinch. Print them out to share at the Thanksgiving dinner table or take a lazy Sunday to play games and color. A printer and crayons or markers from home are all you’ll need. Look at that, so easy 😉 Have fun and enjoy! 

Thanksgiving Coloring Activity

Draw your favorite Thanksgiving foods & share what you’re thankful for!

Make Your Own Snow Globe 

Draw your own dream world inside this snow globe’s winter wonderland.

Thanksgiving Would You Rather

Gather your family and friends for a fun game of Would You Rather, Thanksgiving edition!

Holiday Mad Libs 

The silliest of games that’s sure to have all the cousins and pals laughing up a storm.