From Dream to Design: Mom’s Makeup Play Kit

We’re introducing a brand new series that takes you behind the scenes of some of your favorite products! Everything we make here at Super Smalls has a story and comes from a place of joy-filled creativity, so we thought we’d lift the curtain and show you how the sparkles get made.
The Mom’s Makeup Play Kit is one of our newest launches — it’s unlike anything we’ve done before. It’s a craft, an accessory, a toy, and a dress-up must-have. Unlike most “play makeup” products out there, our products are REAL! The mascara and the lipstick both GO ON CLEAR, but give kids the feel of applying actual products.
There were countless times when our founder, Maria, would sit with her three young daughters and they’d watch her get ready and do her makeup. They would ooh and aah over all of Mom’s colorful products, wishing to get in on the experience too. Maria knew she wanted to come up with a kid's makeup kit so that they could do their makeup too…just like Mom.
After many (and we really do mean MANY!) months of brainstorming, iterating, going through ingredients, designing packaging, and product testing, Mom’s Makeup was born shortly before Mother’s Day 2023 (the true gift for Mamas? Not having their kiddos rummaging through their makeup drawer anymore!). You can see a few different packaging design options we considered below! 
The big thing we really wanted to achieve (other than providing a moment of FUN for kids, of course), was creating a truly wow-worthy presentation inspired by the beauty products and accessories of luxury fashion houses. That’s why we made sure to feature gems on the outside of the compact tubes and include more gem stickers within the kit for kids to decorate and customize their set however they like. 
The final Kit includes blush, a brush, lipstick, mascara, and the additional gem stickers.  And even though the lipstick looks red, we promise it’s completely clear and totally sheer once applied. The blush is the palest of pinks with just a subtle hint of color. All ingredients are clean, and safe for kids’ sensitive skin; the products are non-toxic, cruelty-free, 3-free, and free of talc and parabens. 
The Mom’s Makeup Play Kit is the perfect gift for the little one in your life (ages 3+)! They will love “getting glam” just like their favorite grown-ups and having something sparkly to carry around in their bags 🤩