5 Books that Are Perfect For Gifting!

Searching for the perfect books to gift to your kids this holiday? We’ve got you covered and partnered up with our friends at Little Free Diverse Libraries to bring you a selection of books sure to entertain even the youngest book lover in your family!

We believe books are magic and have the power to inspire change, create conversations and encourage inclusivity. So whether you have an avid reader that just can’t put a book down, or a reluctant reader that just needs a little motivation, we’ve hand-picked books just for you!

Join Mary as she shows off her flair for what to wear, learn why Gia isn’t quite sure if she wants to become a big sister, or recite the ABCs while encouraging children to learn to appreciate and empower Black children!


Each book has been handpicked by Little Free Diverse Libraries to offer children an opportunity to see realities and experiences different from their own, and emphasize how important it is for children of color to see themselves represented in the books they read. To learn more, follow @littlefreediverselibraries on Instagram or visit their Amazon Wishlist to directly support Little Free Diverse Libraries - a great cause and one we’re Super proud to support!