Super Sticker Bundle

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Endless Stickers, Endless Fun!

Stickers for all day & everywhere—your face, your nails, your toys, your books, your shoes (there’s really no place you can’t cover with stickers)! The Super Sticker Bundle has it all! Your creative, crafty kids will be stickering for days.

Super Sticker Bundle Includes:

  • Ultimate (Mega Sized!) Sticker Book
  • Night Out Gem Makeup
  • Everyday Sparkle 4-page Sticker Book
  • Everyday Polish Nail Sticker Booklet

*Small parts, not intended for children under 3 years

Ultimate (Mega Sized!) Sticker Book

Rainbows, unicorns, butterflies, glow-in-the-dark stars, oversized gemstones and MORE. With over 700 stickers, the Ultimate Sticker Book really lives up to its name! It's a SUPERsized sticker book with plenty of stickers of every shape size and color designed for crafting, decorating or just collecting!

Night Out Gem Makeup

Unleash your inner party animal with the Night Out Gem Makeup face stickers. Set includes Mermaid, Fairy Princess, and Unicorn face gems for kids, or get creative and turn them into your own creatures, too—Sea Monster? Sparkly Dinosaur?! Each “makeup” section is one big sticker for super easy application. And come bedtime, they peel off and stick back in the booklet, where they’ll be ready for next time!

Everyday Sparkle 4-Page Sticker Book

You want sticker gems on your face, on your clothes, in the car, at the park? This conveniently sized spiral booklet is instant entertainment anytime, anywhere—perfect for craft-time, play-time, or getting fancy! Four sparkling sheets of hearts, stars, flowers, and more! Yep, we’re confident they’re gonna love this (it’s our best-selling item!).

Everyday Polish Nail Art Sticker Book

Who doesn’t love a manicure moment?! This nail sticker pack makes for the easiest at-home mani—just stick them on, brush over with clear polish, and you’re done! And between hearts, smileys, fruit, peace signs, and more, you can’t go wrong creating a super cool look that’s all you. Pro tip: Grown ups love these too- maybe it’s time to get ready for a matching moment?!

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